St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Flexible Learning

St Paul's has introduced the concept of Flexible/Agile Learning we have begun a transformational journey into developing more agile spaces for the development of the learners future skills. The spaces are aimed at encouraging all students to take greater responsibility of their own learning, and grow their curiosity, creativity, collaboration, communication skills with deeper engagement with learning. Agile Learning Labs have been set up throughout the school to suit developmental needs and skill development. Families are invited to arrange a visit to see first hand how the students are thriving in this exciting environment. SPLPS 2016 2 Web

According to a discussion paper released by Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) educating students to navigate a more complex and globally connected world will require a stronger emphasis on 21st century skills in the Queensland curriculum and a re-casting of education roles to involve students as co-designers of their own learning is a critical component.

ISQ Executive Director David Robertson said the discussion paper argues that whilst Queensland has recently been rightly focused on the overcrowded content of the P-10 Australian Curriculum, there has been limited attention paid to the 21st century general capabilities which include: critical and creative thinking; personal and social capability; ethical understanding; and intercultural understanding.

 “The discussion paper argues that these skills, which employers and industry are increasingly identifying as priority skills and traits, deserve overt attention and teaching in ways that engage students by connecting their learning to real world issues.”  Curriculum Needs to Fast Forward to the Future: Discussion Paper, 23 November 2016


Children in Prep this year will be entering the workforce in 2030, and we need to make sure they have the best chance at picking up the technical skills and personal attributes that will help them succeed. Regional Australia: The future of work, Setting kids up for success Report & the Future Work Toolkit.

Future Skills