St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

eSmart @ St Paul's


What is eSmart?

eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a national charity committed to protecting children from violence.

Our work towards achieving eSmart status involved the whole school community. We integrate Cyber Safety into our policies, establishing clear procedures to deal with incidents and delivering curriculum around the smart, safe and responsible use of technology. We take cybersafety seriously. For further information about the eSmart program, visit the eSmart website at

Our Journey with eSmart

With the introduction of our iPad program in 2014 our school community felt that we needed to be proactive about how we teach and learn about being Cyber Safe.

The eSmart program allows us as at St Paul's to unite the whole school community so that everyone is working towards the safety of our students. This includes not only educating students but also parents and teachers. eSmart has resulted in us focusing on many areas of our school and seeing ways we can improve, including policies, curriculum and community involvement.

In 2016 we achieved accreditation and eSmart status. We will continue to grow as a community and continue to learn together about being safe when online.

Our Cyber Safety Rainbow

Our Cyber Safety Rainbow is used as a basis for all that we do at St Paul's for eSmart. Each colour of the rainbow represents a different area of Cyber Safety.

Red—Inappropriate content

Parents and teachers alike have real concerns about the images and information that is freely available to our children on the internet, this is why we need to ensure students have strategies to know how to avoid this content as well as what to do it they accidently come across this content.

Resources: Managing offensive or illegal content online

Yellow—Computer Security

Computer security includes a variety of things in terms of making sure our computers are safe, as well as, our personal details. Students need to be aware of things like computer viruses, spam emails, and hackers. We need to know what to do to protect our computers from these things.

Resources: Making decisions about your child's online shopping

Blue—Identity Safety

We all want our children to be safe but in today's world this is now part of an online reality. We need to teach children about keeping their personal information safe and not share details with strangers.

Resources: Supporting your child's online social networking

Orange—Cyber Bullying

Just like face-to-face bullying, cyberbullying is a real challenge in our children's lives. Cyberbullying can happen at any time and leave a child feeling safe and alone. We aim to teach children about this so that they can protect themselves.

Resources: Cyberbullying—supporting your child online

Green—Digital Footprint

Everything you post and do online combines to create a person's digital footprint. Therefore children need to be aware that what they are doing online now will be there forever and may affect them in the future.

Resources: Protecting your child's digital reputation

Purple—Excessive Technology Use

We believe that Technology is a great tool for learning and entertainment, however, we also believe that everything in life should be a balance. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends children be limited to 2 hours of total media time a day, with no media in bedrooms.

Resources: Advice to help manage children's time online