St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Term 2 Week 8

Dear Parents and Caregivers


As I walk around the school, visiting classrooms, doing yard duty at either morning tea or lunch time and talking with the students, the following stands out for me about school life at St Paul’s on a daily basis: happy and smiling students who are eager and so confident to engage in conversations about their everyday world and lives, students who are able to articulate their learning to me in great detail, students who display wonderful manners, students who are eager to learn, students who are so accepting of others’ differences, students helping other students in so many different ways, students who quickly find adult help when needed and students who are “growing” as citizens and learners every day.


Just last week I noticed what a remarkable difference our Year 6 student leadership program has made across the school yard in getting these senior students out at morning tea and lunch times to supervise, model positive behaviours as well as encourage and nurture the student body across a range of activities. Yesterday the first group of gold badge recipients for 2017 were acknowledged at our Senior School Assembly. These are students who have already put in 50hoursof service time towards the school and their fellow students this year. Last week Friday after lunch time a very eager group of Junior School students stayed on, without being prompted, to help pack up all the toys and other materials used in this part of the school yard.


Another strength of the student body is the way in which they, through our buddy program, welcome, receive and look after the new students who arrive at St Paul’s. I have this affirmed time and time again by these students’ parents when we catch up to see how their student has settled into school life at our school.


In reflecting on all the above, I need to acknowledge the nurturing of, the incredible dedication to and absolute professionalism which all the staff bring to and offer our school every day. This is backed up by a wonderful and transparent partnership with you as the parent body – thank you!  I feel truly blessed to call St Paul’s my work place every day!


Our school value for the remainder of the term is Justice. At our Senior School Assembly yesterday one of the student leaders shared with the students what this value looks like, sounds like and feels like when put into action every day. Some of the powerful thoughts shared with the students included, “1. Everyone gets a fair go, 2. Play by the rules and 3. Speak up for others!” We will continue, as a school,  to unpack this value with the students over the coming weeks.  


I would like to strongly encourage every Year 3 family to take up the invitation, which was recently sent to you, to visit the Year 4 and 5 Agile Learning Labs over the coming weeks as we continue to grow this learning environment and learning frameworks for your children in readiness for next year. An invitation to the rest of the parent body to visit these learning areas will be sent out early next term.


The end of the school week and coming weekend will see a number of students involved in activities on and away from the school. These include our Junior School [Prep – Year 2] Athletics Carnival on Friday, our Senior School Robotics Teams participating in a Robotics competition up on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday and our Year 1 students leading the worship service on Sunday as part of their School Sunday. We look forward to hosting you at these events.


Congratulations to the following students on being chosen as the Student of the Week for their respective class or year level:


Wishing every family a wonderful week.


Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo