St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Term 2 Week 10

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Last Saturday we hosted our third annual Community Consultation Day. What made this year’s event more significant is the fact that our Year 6 student leaders were invited to contribute towards and be part of the discussions. I would like to thank those parents, students, School Council members, Grace Caboolture staff and school staff who engaged with and participated in rich and transparent conversations about “Growing At and As a School.” One of the outcomes achieved on the day was to revisit and provide feedback on the school’s current Mission Statement. A similar outcome was achieved with the school staff at the beginning of the year and the next step in the process will be to dialogue with the School Council, as the final group of stakeholders, on this topic. Once this process has been completed, all parties will reconvene to work on updating our current Mission Statement.


After last week’s wet weather, the Senior School [Year 3 -6] will have their Athletics Carnival on Wednesday and Thursday this week and we look forward to hosting you as supporters over the two days. Good luck to all the students as they extend themselves physically over the two days. A Senior School Athletics Team will then be chosen to represent the school at various carnivals next term. See you there!


As I reflect on Semester 1, areas of growth which have left their mark on me include the Year 6 Leadership Program [as these senior students have led and mentored their peers on a daily basis], the growth and energy put in by those involved in the Virtual Debating program, the quality of the students’ Art Work on display in the front office and the growth of a contemporary, collaborative and agile learning mindset across the whole school.  


Staff News                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. Richard Murdoch has elected to resign from his position as one of the Year 5 Agile Learning Lab teachers at St Paul’s to pursue career opportunities elsewhere. We wish to thank Richard for his contribution to the school, more specifically, for his time and effort in being a member of the team in the design, implementation and delivery of Agile Teaching and Learning at St Paul’s. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours. We are in the process of finalising an appointment to fill this position to ensure a smooth and settled transition for the students, teaching partner [Miss Baker], support staff and you as parents. The Agile Learning environment has also ensured continuity for all the students as they still continue with Miss Baker, Mrs. Boustead and Ms. Davis as the Year 5 staff.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs. Cathy Henderson a time of quality rest, relaxation and safe travels as she takes Long Service Leave for the first 4 weeks of next term. Bon voyage, Mrs Henderson!


Congratulations to the following students on being acknowledged for their efforts at school by receiving a Student of the Week award:

Prep             Year 1          Year 2         Year 3         Year 4       Year 5          Year 6

Bridey S              Peyton M            Esther B             Nathan A          Tiana G            Reese K             Annie L

Deng D               Cailin D               Christian S         Lawson C          Meg S             Sarah H             Courtney R

                                                       Ashton B            Thomas C                                 Brady H             Alana G

                                                       Rhys J       

                                                       Izabella S     

Thank you for your ongoing support of, warm conversations and loyalty to the school over the past term. I would like wish every family a very safe and restful winter break.


Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo