St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Term 3 Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Last week Thursday Chappy Teneille and I spent the day with the Year 5 students at their camp in Noosa. What a fantastic venue [this is the camp from which the students return with all their laundry done!] and what spectacular weather these students had for their time away - thank you for hosting us! It was wonderful to see the great team spirit, outstanding behaviour, determination and resilience from the students as they “grew” as individuals and were challenged outside their comfort zones on numerous occasions over the duration of the camp. The mountain bike instructor, Andy, informed the staff that our students had been the best group which he had ever worked with at the camp – well done to all of you! Thank you to the following parents, Mrs. McGowan, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Garred and Mr. Darcy, for creating such positive memories for the students as well as giving up your own family time to be camp parents. The Year 5 team of Miss Baker, Mrs. Bowman and Mrs. Davis also deserve a huge thank you for all the planning and organising which took place behind the scenes to make this life-changing experience possible for these students. 

Last Sunday saw our Year 2 students present their School Sunday to their parents, family friends and the St Paul’s congregation. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a commitment, as the school Principal, at a Lutheran Education Queensland [LEQ] event on the day. I look forward to being part of the audience as this cohort of students shares their School Sunday presentation at Chapel tomorrow. Thank you to our Year 2 teachers and support staff for the work done in readiness for this presentation.

The school is in the process of acquiring solar energy as part of its sustainability initiative and to take the edge off rising electricity costs. The installation of solar panels on large sections of the school’s roofing area will begin towards the end of this term in readiness for the start of Term 4. Thank you to our Business Manager, Mr. Ian Bloxham, for the very proactive work done in this regard.

Flexible Learning at St Paul’s: As learning frameworks and infrastructure, which support flexible learning, continue to be implemented across all year levels and learning areas of our school, more and more evidence based research is being reported in either the main stream media or sent to all school sectors [State, Independent and Catholic] regarding the benefits of students learning and acquiring soft skills such as creativity, independence, collaboration, communication, resilience [stamina], self-motivation and time management. Over the past fortnight St Paul’s again hosted a team of teachers from a neighbouring independent primary school who are on a journey of investigating, fine-tuning and exploring the implementation of flexible learning within their school context. 

Over the past week the Foundation for Young Australians [FYS] made their report on the Education Redesign Required for New Work Order available to all schools. An excerpt from the report says, “ Automation will impact every job in the future with young Queenslanders likely to spend 30 percent more time each week learning skills on the job and double the amount of time solving problems than they do now”. The report The New Work Smarts: Thriving in the New Work Order analysed over 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australian workers across 400 occupations each year to predict the skills and capabilities that will matter most in 2030. FYA Chief Executive Jan Owen told the ABC the report points to changes required in the nation’s education system which “continues to formally assess based on an old understanding of smart”. Ms Owen added that “the whole learning system from preschool through to higher education and beyond would need a redesign.” Attached to this week’s newsletter is an electronic copy of this report. Please contact the front office if you wish to receive a hard copy of this report. Next week I will be sharing with you the very positive impact which flexible learning is having on our data at St Paul’s. 

Today your student will be bringing home a hard copy of our annual Parent Survey. An electronic copy of the survey has also been sent to every family. As part of our transparent working relationship with you we ask that you please take the time to complete the quick survey [probably no more than 10 minutes] and return it either electronically or in hard copy to the school office by Friday 11 August. Your feedback and thoughts are important to us as we look at improving and fine-tuning our strategic direction for the school.

You are invited to attend the review of the school’s current Strategic Plan on Saturday 19 August. This important planning morning will be held in the staffroom from 9am – 12:30pm. Please RSVP your intention to attend, with the front office, by Thursday 17 August. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this process. 

Good luck to our Senior School Athletics Team as they participate at the District Athletics Carnival tomorrow and on Thursday.

Congratulations to all of the students who received their Student of the Week Award over the past week.

Have a fabulous week.

Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo