St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Term 1 Week 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It has been wonderful to host you at our Parent Information Evenings over the past week. This initiative wraps up tomorrow evening with the Year 6 parents and teaching team meeting to share and discuss the expectations, for the children, which come with learning in this area of the school. If either you were unable to attend your child's year level
meeting or you did not receive a copy of the information shared with the other parents on the night, please contact the teacher[s] concerned so that our transparent working relationship with you in 2018 is ready to go. Thank you to
the teaching staff for the time an effort which have gone into making these evenings possible.

This year we have decided to fine-tune how we celebrate the learning achievements and milestones [albeit academic, sport, cultural or social] of our students. Our previously named Student of the Week awards are now called Celebrating Student Achievement with an emphasis on reaching outcomes and expectations discussed at class and year level with every student. Starting this year, all the students in a respective year level will now know well in advance what the criteria and expectations are to achieve a Celebrating Student Achievement award. This means that when the students are announced at assembly, the students from that year level are not second guessing the teacher's criteria and subsequent nomination. We are hoping that this will bring about a greater sense of ownership of the choices made and displayed by our students. The first Celebrating Student Achievement awards will begin this week.

St Paul's has introduced the initiative of a "Free Fruit Basket", which is put out every morning tea and lunch time for all our students to access. This has come about to ensure that all of our students have access to fresh wholesome fruit [apples and bananas] every day. On our first two days of this program, the students have consumed two full baskets of
fruit. Thank you to Wendy and Tony Lindsay for their generous donations of bananas towards this initiative. Please contact the school if you are willing to make a regular donation of either apples or bananas to this wonderful cause.
We are also in the process of seeking further donations from other fruit suppliers in the local community – watch this space!

Next Monday afternoon, at Senior School Assembly, we will be inducting our school leaders for 2018. We will also be
introducing and presenting a Year 6 badge to all our Year 6 students. This is part of our Leadership Program which has a strong emphasis on leading from within rather than waiting to lead because one isn't wearing a badge. I would like to
warmly invite all our Year 6 parents to attend this occasion with their child.

Thank you to our Year 3 -6 students on their participation and effort put into the swimming program over the past fortnight. This will now culminate in these students being part of our Inter-house Swimming Carnival next week Thursday. More information regarding this event will be made available by the PE department over the
coming days – see you there!

Included as an attachment with this week's newsletter is a Welcome back to 2018 letter from our Tuckshop Convener, Jenny Venier. Thank you, in advance to Jenny, for the wonderful job which gets done to provide this service to our community. Please make contact with Jenny, either via the tuckshop or front office, if you are able to volunteer some hours in this area of the school.

Have a great week.

Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo