St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents and Caregivers

At St Paul's we pride ourselves on our rich Literacy learning focus which is underpinned by the Daily 5 Literacy Framework which is consistently implemented daily across all year levels. Literacy is the cornerstone from which a world of acquiring and understanding knowledge will emerge for all our learners. Whenever I am asked what is a great gift for a child, I tell people that you can't go wrong when it comes to buying a child books and allowing them to grow their personal library at home. This week at St Paul's we will celebrate reading in all its contexts when we host our annual Book Week and Book Fair. The students will immerse themselves in a number of fun-filled activities as we highlight the importance of reading when and where we can. I would like to acknowledge and thank our Library staff, led by Mrs Danielle Morris and supported by Mrs Mac, for the work done in planning, organizing and hosting this week's festivities and activities. You are also warmly invited to attend and celebrate Book Week with us.

We, together with the students, are looking forward to hosting all our Grandparents this Friday at our annual Grandparents' Day, an event which has now become one of the biggest social events on our school calendar. It is always wonderful to see the students showing off what is their place of growing and learning.

We welcome back our Year 5 students, staff and parent helpers from their camp at Noosa North Shore. Thank you to our Year 5 teaching team, Mr Matt Nicholls and Mrs Debbie Cottrell, for all the work done in making this event possible for this group of students. Thank you to all those parents who attended as camp parents and who without their attendance, these opportunities would be so much more difficult to offer as a school. This camp also brings our 2018 Outdoor Education Program to an end as we begin to plan for our 2019 program.

Thank you to our Year 2 students for sharing their School Sunday presentation, through drama, song and dance, with us last weekend. The "live singing" with the musicians added a special touch to the service. Thank you, parents, grandparents and other family friends for your support of the children on the day. Thank you to our Year 2 teachers, Mrs Henderson and Miss Cross, as well as the Year 2 support staff for all the work which has gone into making this event flow so smoothly. We now look forward to our Year 6 students sharing their School Sunday presentation with us towards the end of the term.

This coming Saturday a number of stakeholders who make up our school community will gather to review and update our Strategic Plan for the next 3 years. A draft Strategic Plan will be made available for your perusal and feedback after this event. Thank you in advance to those folk who have volunteered their time on Saturday for this task.
Please remember that the RSVP date for next week's Fathers and Sons' Event is this coming Friday. Come and enjoy a Barbeque meal while we listen to our guest speaker, Matt Strickland from Kids and Teens Psychology, sharing some words of wisdom and advice on raising our boys. See you there!

Wishing all our families a wonderful week as we go about our busyness.

Yours in Christ.

Anton Prinsloo