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Term 1 Week 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Congratulations to our Year 6 school leaders on their induction at yesterday's Senior School Assembly. They were reminded that wearing a badge doesn't make one a leader. Rather, it's what we do often and when nobody is watching and which impacts positively on others, which define us as a leader. This year every Year 6 student has received a School Leader [Senior] badge as we strongly believe that all of our Year 6 students can be asked to step up to lead within the school as well as being there as role models and helpers for the rest of our student body. We pray God's blessing on these students as they take up their respective roles in the school. Thank you to the many parents, carers, grandparents and other guests who attended to support and celebrate with the students on the day.

The Senior School needs to be congratulated on how well they have managed themselves at their swimming program over the past fortnight. Providing swimming lessons for every student as part of our extra-curricular program at St Paul's was strongly affirmed after reading in the press last week about making swimming lessons compulsory for all primary school students in Queensland. We now move onto the District Swimming Carnival on Wednesday and the Senior School Inter-house Swimming Carnival on Thursday. We look forward to seeing many of our parents at the carnival on Thursday. Thank you to our PE teacher, Miss Jess Gall, for all the work done in supporting the students in the lead-up to these carnivals.

Our Year 4 students have a busy week ahead of them as they head out to St Helena Island on Friday and host our first School Sunday of the year this coming weekend. Thank you to our Year 4 team of Mrs. Witham, Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Klinge for going the extra mile this week.

As part of our ongoing our working relationship with you, the first of our Parent Learning Workshops begins next week Tuesday. This workshop will focus on how we go about teaching Reading at St Paul's as well as providing you with tips and strategies to support your child in this critical area of their learning. All of our Prep and new families to the school are strongly encouraged to attend these workshops. The school has also recorded a number of short clips which focus on Reading strategies onto our school website [these can be accessed via Parent Lounge under the top menu SCHOOL LINKS, to enable you to have access to these at any time. Please see further details of these upcoming workshops in this week's newsletter].

Have a great week and stay cool.

Yours in Christ
Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 3

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It has been wonderful to host you at our Parent Information Evenings over the past week. This initiative wraps up tomorrow evening with the Year 6 parents and teaching team meeting to share and discuss the expectations, for the children, which come with learning in this area of the school. If either you were unable to attend your child's year level
meeting or you did not receive a copy of the information shared with the other parents on the night, please contact the teacher[s] concerned so that our transparent working relationship with you in 2018 is ready to go. Thank you to
the teaching staff for the time an effort which have gone into making these evenings possible.

This year we have decided to fine-tune how we celebrate the learning achievements and milestones [albeit academic, sport, cultural or social] of our students. Our previously named Student of the Week awards are now called Celebrating Student Achievement with an emphasis on reaching outcomes and expectations discussed at class and year level with every student. Starting this year, all the students in a respective year level will now know well in advance what the criteria and expectations are to achieve a Celebrating Student Achievement award. This means that when the students are announced at assembly, the students from that year level are not second guessing the teacher's criteria and subsequent nomination. We are hoping that this will bring about a greater sense of ownership of the choices made and displayed by our students. The first Celebrating Student Achievement awards will begin this week.

St Paul's has introduced the initiative of a "Free Fruit Basket", which is put out every morning tea and lunch time for all our students to access. This has come about to ensure that all of our students have access to fresh wholesome fruit [apples and bananas] every day. On our first two days of this program, the students have consumed two full baskets of
fruit. Thank you to Wendy and Tony Lindsay for their generous donations of bananas towards this initiative. Please contact the school if you are willing to make a regular donation of either apples or bananas to this wonderful cause.
We are also in the process of seeking further donations from other fruit suppliers in the local community – watch this space!

Next Monday afternoon, at Senior School Assembly, we will be inducting our school leaders for 2018. We will also be
introducing and presenting a Year 6 badge to all our Year 6 students. This is part of our Leadership Program which has a strong emphasis on leading from within rather than waiting to lead because one isn't wearing a badge. I would like to
warmly invite all our Year 6 parents to attend this occasion with their child.

Thank you to our Year 3 -6 students on their participation and effort put into the swimming program over the past fortnight. This will now culminate in these students being part of our Inter-house Swimming Carnival next week Thursday. More information regarding this event will be made available by the PE department over the
coming days – see you there!

Included as an attachment with this week's newsletter is a Welcome back to 2018 letter from our Tuckshop Convener, Jenny Venier. Thank you, in advance to Jenny, for the wonderful job which gets done to provide this service to our community. Please make contact with Jenny, either via the tuckshop or front office, if you are able to volunteer some hours in this area of the school.

Have a great week.

Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo


Term 1 Week 2

Dear Parents and Caregivers

The students need to be congratulated on an excellent first week back at school. Special mention needs to go to our Prep students who settled in with the greatest of ease. Both the staggered start initiative and the fact that the majority of our Preps have come from the school's Kindergarten environment have stood these young learners in good stead as they embrace "big school."

At the end of last year we excitedly wished two of Year 5 students the best of luck as they made their way to Adelaide to represent Queensland, in athletics, at the Pacific Games. We are thrilled to let you know that both Hayley Smith and Oyin Oguntoyinbo returned with a medal won in their respective relay races. Hayley also made the final of her 100m sprint event. Well done to both of you and we look forward to following your achievements this year.

Yesterday evening the Prep teachers and parents met to get the Parent Information meetings underway. We hope that these information meetings will set the tone for our transparent working relationship and partnership with you moving forward.

The P&F Group will have their first meeting for the year this afternoon. We extend a warm invitation to all our school families to be part of this hard-working group as they represent you within the school community. The P&F Group meetings are held at 3:15pm after school in the boardroom. One of the school community events which this group will be focusing on is the St Paul's School and Church Fair which will be held on Saturday 28 July.
Good luck to our Year 3 - 6 students as they begin their swimming program this week which will culminate in their Inter-house swimming carnival on Thursday 15 February.

Wishing every family a wonderful week as you settle back into the school year.

Yours in Christ.
Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 1 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Welcome back to the new school year. I trust that you have had a relaxing summer break with your family and that the students are ready to embrace the many rich learning experiences and opportunities awaiting them this year.


A very special welcome is extended to the many new students and their families who will be joining the St Paul’s community this week. We look forward to getting to know you and growing a long and rewarding relationship with you and your child. We also welcome the following new and returning staff members to St Paul’s – Ms Charise Wills [Japanese, Year 4-6], Mrs Amanda Walker [Japanese, Prep – Year 3], Mr Ray Bellert [Year 6] and Ms Kelly Duyvelshoff [Kindergarten]. May God bless these staff members and their work as they nurture the students in their care.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the hard work, which has taken place over the past fortnight, in getting the classrooms, learning programs and school environment ready for the arrival of the students this week. This was further supported by our FAD [Family Administration Day] initiative was highly successful with over 81% of our school families attending this day last week. This has further ensured that the students have returned to the best start to their 2018 school year at St Paul’s.


Over the summer break a number of building projects have taken place around the school. With the implementation and growth of Flexible Learning across the whole school, the Year 6 students have arrived back to occupy the next Agile Learning Lab. Do drop in to have a look at this wonderful learning environment. St Paul’s will be opening a dedicated Makerspace room to support our STEAM Program [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths] and our dedicated Digital Technology and Robotics Programs will be housed in the Library building. All year levels have also received furniture items to enhance all the flexible learning spaces as well as supporting the students in making choices about which learning style, throughout the day, suits them best. 


Our school theme for 2018 is IMAGINE. This theme is applicable to the students, staff and the parent body. Our goal in 2018 will be to IMAGINE the possibilities beyond just dreaming and to begin filling in the gaps as we create the future. This theme will be underpinned by the words in Ephesians 3:20 which say, “God has more in store for you than you can even imagine.”


This year at St Paul’s we are going to review and fine-tune with you how we go about doing Home Learning [Homework]. We want to ensure that Home Learning time is exactly just that for you and your child. We want Home Learning to be a time of practicing and celebrating where your child is at with their learning and for you, together with your child and their teacher, decide on and commit to what you deem to be effective and quality learning time together. This process will be explained to you further at the upcoming Parent Information Evenings which kick off next week.


Date claimer

The following important event will be held at the school over the coming fortnight [Weeks 2 and 3]:

Parent Information Evenings Prep – Year 6. Each year level has been allocated an evening during which time you will be able to meet your child’s teaching team. These meetings will begin at 5:45pm and finish at 6:45pm. The first group to have their information evening will be Prep on Monday 29 January. More detailed information will be provided via your child’s class newsletter this week. I warmly invite and strong encourage all families to attend these meetings.


Being Punctual

As we begin the new school year, I would like to appeal to every family to ensure that your student is on time for the start of each day. We would like all students to be at school by 8:25am. This will ensure that you child has a settled start to each day and that a late arrival does not impact on the morning routines  for the rest of the students and classroom teacher. Do you know that being late by just 5 minutes every day will result in your child missing out on 3 weeks of school during the year! Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.


Both the teaching staff and the Executive Team propagate a strong OPEN DOOR POLICY. Open communication and transparency are vital to the success of your child’s time at St Paul’s. We look forward to building on and strengthening our working relationship with you in 2018.


In 2018 our goal continues to be that of growing our reputation as a school which is at the cutting edge of primary school teaching and learning. We will continue to work with you to provide quality learning within a safe learning environment provided by highly committed staff. I look forward to working with you in 2018.


God bless.


Yours in Christ,

Anton Prinsloo