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Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to the new school term – IMAGINE, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE! A warm welcome is extended to our new families as they settle into school life with us. May God bless you as a family as you embrace the many opportunities and grow on your journey with us as a learning community. I had the wonderful privilege of attending the Commonwealth Games during the term break. A lasting memory which I will take away from this experience was seeing the para-athletes in real-life action. These people have overcome so much diversity and daily challenges to rise above their circumstances and be world beaters – as able-bodied people we are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Congratulations to one of our students, Zara Mould, on being right in the midst of the opening ceremony as she carried the country sign for Dominica in the parade of nations.

This week is Anzac Week across Australia as we honour and celebrate the heroes who have made and still make it possible to enjoy a quality of life which is envied around the world. Thank you to those parents and visitors who attended our Anzac Service today. You are warmly invited to join the school tomorrow as we take part in the Caboolture Anzac Day march. Thank you to Mrs. Kube for all the work done behind the scenes in putting together our Anzac celebrations.

What a wonderful Cross-country Carnival was had by all on Friday. The weather conditions were perfect for running and the rain literally held off until the last race had finished – great timing Miss Gall! The grit, determination and effort put in by the students were amazing to see in action. Well done to all the students on the sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed. Thank you to the many parents and other supporters who turned up to cheer the runners home. Congratulations to all our place getters and Gregor House on winning the Cross-country House Shield. Good luck to those senior school athletes who will now go on to represent the school at the District Carnival in Week 4. Thank you to Miss Gall, supported by the staff, for hosting a superbly run carnival as well as the students from Grace Caboolture for their help as officials and running supporters on the day.

As we continually monitor and track our many school activities and events, I am pleased to let you know that we had a turnout of 85% at our end of Term 1 interviews. A number of families also met with their child's classroom teacher away from this scheduled timeframe. Thank you for the strong, trusting and transparent working relationship which we have with you as a parent body. Once again, as begin a new term, you are encouraged to use the various channels of communication made available to you every day at St Paul's.

Daily school attendance by all our students is another area which we keep a close eye on at St Paul's, where every day counts for every student in our care! Our school attendance in Term 1 across Prep – Year 6 was 96%, with attendance averages varying between 95% -99% across the year levels. Thank you parents and caregivers for your partnership in ensuring that your child is ready for school and learning every day.

Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 10

Dear Parents and Caregivers

As we come to the end of a busy Term 1, I would like to thank every family for your wonderful support of and loyalty towards the school. Our year of Imagine – Create – Inspire has well and truly taken off with the students challenging their dreams to become a reality. When I reflect on some of the highlights from the past term the following stand out for me: the success of our Family Admin Day [FAD] at the beginning of the year, the ease with which our new students have settled into school life at St Paul's, the new Year 6 Agile Learning Lab and the way in which our Year 6 students have embraced the Leadership Program and opportunities which have come their way. Well done everyone!

As we enter holy week in the lead up to Easter, we are able to stop and reflect on the selfless sacrifice made by God when he offered his son Jesus to take away our sins so that we can be assured of eternal life. As part of our Chapel time this week, all the students will be involved in an Easter activity called the "Stations of the Cross." This will allow the students to step through the Easter story in a very real and meaningful way. You are warmly invited to attend this event with your child tomorrow.

Term 1 will wrap up with Student-Parent-Teacher Conversations on both Wednesday afternoon and evening [4pm – 8pm] as well as on Thursday morning [8am – 12pm]. We ask that you bring your child with you to the conversation, so that they are supported and encouraged to embrace the ownership of their learning at St Paul's. I need to acknowledge and thank the school's administration team for all the hard work which has taken place behind the scenes in getting everything ready for these conversations.

Thank you to those parents and staff who attended last week's P&F AGM and General Meeting. Your P&F Executive Committee for 2018 is:
President - Lyndel Miles, Vice President - Leanne Stephan, Secretary - Elizabeth Wilson, General Executive Members - Angela Hannant, Alisha Robinson and General Members - Ann Arvidson and Vanessa Robson. Thank you to these parents for volunteering their time and energy to support the various fundraising initiatives which will be happening across the school during the year, as well as being advocates for the parent body regarding a number of school events and initiatives throughout the year.

Staff news – Congratulations to Miss Joanne Miles, from the Kindergarten, on her wedding last weekend. We pray God's richest blessing on this union and we look forward to welcoming her back as Mrs. Jamieson at the start of Term 2.

The first week back next term will see our Prep – Year 6 students involved in our annual Cross Country Carnival. This event will be held on Friday 20 April and will begin at 9am. See you there!

Student achievements – Congratulations to Ryan Midgley who recently competed in the Oceania Continental BMX Championships as well as the 2018 Australian National Titles. Ryan finished 4thoverall in the Oceania Championships and made it all the way to the semi-finals at the Australian Championships leaving him the 11th ranked rider in Australia in the 8/9 year old boys. This is an incredible outcome for Ryan considering that he has come back from a massive injury last year which had him sidelined from racing for 5 months. Well done young man, we are all very proud of you!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every family a very blessed Easter as well as a time of rest and slowing down over the coming term break. We look forward to welcoming the students back again on Wednesday 18 April.

Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Thank you to our Year 5 students for sharing with us and presenting to us a very rich and thought-provoking School Sunday about Spirituality and the meaning of life. It was wonderful to see the key thoughts and ideas being portrayed in such a practical way. The students' great self-confidence and wonderful articulation with the audience are two areas which stood out for me. Well done to all of you on your superb singing, even without the back-up video for one of the songs, as well as the dancing which was presented to us. The following words, shared with us on the day, sum up so well the powerful theme of this School Sunday: Do your best to add goodness to your faith, to your goodness add knowledge, to your knowledge add self-control, to your self-control add endurance, to your endurance add godliness, to your godliness add Christian affection, and to your Christian affection add love.

Thank you to Mrs. Cottrell, Mr. Nicholls and the Year 5 support staff for all the work done behind the scenes in getting the students ready for their School Sunday. Thank you too to the many families and friends who supported their student on Sunday.

The following two important community-focused events will be happening at St Paul's in Term 2:
Lutheran Education Australia [LEA] will be conducting a Quality Schools Survey, run by a company called RADII, across all its schools in Australia as we reflect on what we are doing well, but very importantly receive feedback on how we can continue to fine-tune our focus on providing quality learning opportunities and healthy working relationship within our community. The Quality Schools Survey will be run electronically at St Paul's from Monday 23 April – Sunday 13 May and you will be invited via an email to take the survey. Students [from Year 5 upwards], parents and all staff of St Paul's will be part of this data gathering activity. I will look forward to sharing these outcomes with you later in Term 2 and make these outcomes part of our annual Community Consultation Day, on Saturday 23 June, next term.

To keep building on our strong working partnership with the parent body, St Paul's will be hosting a Learning Expo on Wednesday 23 May from 4:00pm – 5:30pm for all the Prep – Year 6 students. The purpose of the Learning Expo is to share with you the rich learning opportunities, experiences and outcomes happening across the whole school. This event will enable you to not only see the learning outcomes achieved by your student in their current unit of Inquiry Learning, but also afford you the opportunity to visit, see and hear first-hand from the students in all the other year levels, what their rich learning has covered as part of their Inquiry Learning focus. Further information regarding this event will be sent home in Week 2 of next term.

Student achievements – Congratulations to Maddy Cochrane who has been selected in the 12 year old Caboolture District Netball Team. Sofia Shenton has also been selected as a shadow player for this team. We look forward to watching the progress of these two young netballers in the coming years.
Congratulations are also in order for Deleni and Memory Paitai who represented Australia in New Zealand for the Oztag Queensland Pacific Team, who made the final and were defeated by 1 point. Inspire – Believe – Achieve!

Please remember to book your Parent-Student-Teacher Conversation [Interview] by midnight next week Monday. If either next week Wednesday 28 March or Thursday 29 March do not suit you to have a conversation with your child's classroom teacher, please contact the school office to arrange an alternative time. Our goal is for every family to be part of this very important partnership building and growing process with the school.

Good luck to our Senior School sports teams as they compete in the first of the Caboolture Primary Schools Gala Days for the year. All the best to our Instrumental Music, Choir and Grace academy students as they put the finishing touches to their respective Music Showcase performances to be held next Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Libby Sansome [Head of teaching and Learning] and I will be attending the EduLead Conference in Sydney over the next three days. The theme for this conference is "Reinventing Education" which is very appropriate given the rich flexible and inquiry based journey and philosophy which underpins learning at St Paul's.

If you require assistance during the Term Break, the office hours will be from 10.00am until 2.00pm excluding Public Holidays.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sunny weather.

Yours in Christ.

Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 8

Dear Parents and Caregivers

This week St Paul's will be all about Cybersafety as we further upskill and inform the students about the great asset which technology is and brings to their learning, but at the same reminding them of the perils of cyber world. A number of activities, discussions and classroom presentations will be happening for the children across the school this week. The school has also proactively considered your role as the first educator of your child and in doing so has secured the services of a former Team Leader of the NSW Cybercrime Command to speak to the adults, tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, and pass on tips on how to keep our children safe online. Please confirm your attendance with the front office if you have not yet done so already.

Something which has struck me over the past week or so is the wonderful manners and courtesy of the students towards adults in various settings. Just yesterday afternoon two students displayed this towards me when in the first instance I held a door open for a student and was acknowledged with a warm , "Thank you Mr. Prinsloo," to be followed by a student who opened the office door allowing me to exit first when we arrived at the door almost simultaneously – and I did acknowledge with a warm thank you too! Thank you to the many students who are outstanding role models in and about St Paul's on a daily basis.

Calling all volunteers! Next week Tuesday, at 3:15pm, our P&F Group will host their AGM and a General Meeting in the staffroom. If helping out in any way to support the P&F Group in 2018 is something which you are considering, we would love to see you at this meeting. Your membership of this group does not come with onerous hours of work and fundraising which have to be done. The culture of the P&F Group is one of collaboration and having fun! The 2017 P & F Group was able to make an amount of $22, 900 available to the school allowing us to purchase those extras to make a difference for every student in our care. Thank you to the outgoing P&F Group for your significant contribution to school life at St Paul's in 2017.

Student achievements – Congratulations to Ashlee Teale on being chosen for the 10/11 year old Girls' District Netball Team. We look forward to watching Ashlee's progress as a netballer and may see her back one day as an Australian Diamond netball player – Inspire, Believe, Achieve! I had the privilege to attend the opening of the Caboolture Netball season on Saturday morning. Good luck to the many girls who will be representing GSP Netball this season. It is great to see the GSP Sports Academy going from strength to strength in Netball, Soccer and Running.

We look forward to our Year 5 students presenting their School Sunday this coming weekend. Thank you to the teachers, students and support staff for all the work done in the lead up to this event.

Important Dates to remember:
Term 2 will begin for students on Wednesday 18 April 2018. There is a Commonwealth Games School Holiday on Monday 16 April and Tuesday 17 April will be a Pupil Free Day for Staff to complete their First Aid Training. Outside School Hours Care will be available for both Monday 16 April and Tuesday 17 April, please pre-book your students if you require OSHC services on this day.

Have a safe week.

Yours in Christ.

Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 7

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I often get told by parents that they love the strong feeling of community, belonging, mutual care and looking out for one another which is evident at St Paul's. Last week Tuesday this servant-heart mindset played out in front of my eyes when one of our parents' car broke down in the middle of the main carpark right on 3 o'clock. It didn't take too long before a number of parents stepped up and asked whether help was needed to push the car, inquired whether the family concerned was okay and whether they needed transport home. A mobile phone was also made available to the family to call for help - how amazing is this story! It definitely affirmed you as a parent body all over again as well as my faith in humanity in times of need. Thank you to the many parents who reached out, made a difference and touched someone's life in such a positive way.

Next week is Cybersafety Week at St Paul's. A number of activities, competitions, guest speakers and information will be made available and shared with the students. Our e-Smart Committee has also organized for a guest speaker to address the parent body and staff at 3:35pm – 4:15pm. We have a former Team Leader of the New South Wales Cybercrime Command coming in to speak with the students, parents and teachers about online dangers, how to stay safe in cyber world and provide the adults with tips on how to keep our children safe. I would like to encourage every family to send at least one representative to be in attendance. The school will also be offering free child minding on the afternoon. Please call the school office to register your attendance at this event. See you there!

Student/Parent and Teacher Conversations [Interviews] will take place at the end of the term to bring you up-to-date with how your child[ren] has settled into their school year and progressing in their learning. These conversations will take place on Wednesday 28 March [4pm – 8pm] and Thursday 29 March [8am – 12pm] allowing all families to choose a time slot which suits them best i.e. late afternoon, evening, early morning or mid-morning. I would like to extend an invitation to every family to take up this opportunity as we grow our working partnership with you and your child. Further information regarding booking in for this event will be sent home with your child this week.

Robotics Club
I am pleased to announce the launch of the St Paul's/Grace College, Caboolture Robotics Club as we continue to grow our Robotics Program. We are looking forward to the growth of a joint and seamless Robotics Program across our two campuses.
Senior School (Year 3-6) Robotics Club for 2018 will begin next term allowing these students enough time to get ready for their competition season which begins in Term 3. Our Junior School Robotics Club will start in Term 3. We have also been able to secure the expert services of Mr. Josh Witham (St Paul's) and Mr. Daniel McGowan (Grace College) to support and mentor the students on their Robotics and coding learning journey.
Senior School Robotics Club information will be sent home tomorrow.
Date Claimer – calling all Mothers and Daughters! St Paul's will again be hosting a Mothers and Daughters' High Tea on Thursday 10 May from 4pm – 5:30pm as a lead-in event to the Mother's Day celebrations this year. The school has been able to secure the services of an Australian Diamonds Netball Representative as our guest speaker on the afternoon. More information will follow in the coming weeks. Tickets to this event will go on sale early next term.

Student Achievements – Congratulations to two of our students, Memory and Deleni Paitai, on being chosen to represent Australia in the Oceania Cup for Oztag to be played in New Zealand from 7 – 13 March. Good luck girls and we look forward to hearing about your achievements at the tournament on your return.

St Paul's is also proud to announce that two of our past students, Taylor and Kaylee McKeown, have been selected to represented Australia in Swimming at the upcoming Commonwealth Games. These young women are wonderful role models for our current students to IMAGINE the possibilities which await them when we put our mind to something.

This week we look forward to welcoming our Prep students to both Junior School Chapel on a Wednesday and Junior School Assembly on a Friday as they continue to settle into the routines of life as a primary school student.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead.

Yours in Christ.

Anton Prinsloo

Term 1 Week 6

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Can you believe that we have already past the half-way mark for Term 1! Where has the time gone! The Prep cohort as well as the other new students to St Paul's need to be congratulated on how well they have settled into the routines of school life at St Paul's – well done to all of you! Thank you parents for your support and encouragement in this process. Please keep the open and transparent process of communicating with us happening, as together we grow the wonderful learning journey and experiences around and for your child.


Thank you to our Senior School Swimming Team for the way in which you represented St Paul's at last Friday's Inter-Lutheran Swimming Carnival. I was fortunate enough to call in at the pool and have a chat with and watch some of our swimmers in action. It was great to see the smiles on their faces, hear them cheering on their fellow swimmers and sharing their journey of having swum a personal best [PB] and finishing their respective races. Congratulations to Sofia Hinz and Ryan McKenzie have been announced as our highest scoring girl and boy swimmer on the day. Thank you to those parents who either attended as spectators or who helped as officials on the day. Thank you too to Mr. Bellert, Mr. Nicholls and Miss Gall for the work done as officials and team manager on the day. Our PE program will now begin to focus on Cross -country as all the students begin to work on their running fitness for our Prep – Year 6 Inter-house Cross Country Carnival to be held on Friday 20 April at the start of Term 2.


This term the teaching and classroom support staff have begun to undertake Professional Development in a program called Play is the Way to further support our Behaviour Education philosophy and social skills development at St Paul's. Play is the Way is a practical way for teaching social and emotional skills using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language. Social and emotional learning is a process for helping children and even adults develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically. The program will further support a consistent approach and language across the school as well as supporting our Restorative Practices philosophy. Once the core framework has been implemented across the whole school, a parent information session and workshop will be held, later in the year, to support your learning journey in this process. Do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Kube's office if you would like to find out more about this program.


Over the next 10 weeks the students will be inquiring, questioning, investigating, collaborating and presenting their respective learning journeys. This will culminate in a whole school [Prep – Year 6] Learning Expo in Week 6 next term. An outline of the current Units of Inquiry happening across the school, over the next 10 weeks, are on display in the main undercover area. Do stop for a read so that you can find out more about the rich learning experiences happening across the school. More information about the Term 2 Learning Expo will be sent home early in the new term.


Kindergarten News

Congratulations to Ms. Dani Prinsloo and her partner Aaron on the birth of their second son Vance. Both Dani and Vance are doing well. We pray that God will bless this family as they settle into home life and wait for the many exciting milestones to come around.


Many blessings, to you as a family, for the week ahead.


Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo


Term 1 Week 5

Dear Parents and Caregivers


Congratulations to the Year 3 -6 students on an outstanding Senior School Swimming Carnival last week Thursday. We had some of the best participation rates which we have seen for a long time as many students challenged themselves beyond their comfort zones – well done to all of you! Thank you to the many parents, carers, family members and other supporters who braved the heat with us to encourage and cheer on the students on the day. Thank you to the many parents and staff who did an outstanding job as officials and helpers on the day. A further thank you has to go to our PE Teacher, Ms Gall, for all the work done behind the scenes in preparing for and hosting the carnival. Congratulations to Gregor House on winning the Inter-house Swimming Shield for the 5th year in a row! Good luck to our Senior School swimming team as they compete at the Inter-Lutheran Swimming Carnival on Friday.


This year St Paul's will be introducing a House Shield competition. In addition to the children competing for Swimming, Cross-country and Athletics Shields, the whole school will also be able to earn points towards the House Shield competition by participating in the afore-mentioned competitions, lunch time inter-house competitions as well as attendance at School Sundays and public events such as the ANZAC Day march. The goal is to encourage and acknowledge student participation across various areas of school life. The students will be kept updated with the latest totals as various events are held across the school. With the high level of participation at last week Thursday's Senior School Swimming Carnival, the competition to win the House Shield is well and truly underway.


Thank you to our Year 4 students for a most uplifting and very relevant School Sunday message on the weekend. Through all the busyness of settling back to a new school year, swimming lessons, a swimming carnival and an excursion to St Helena Island last Friday, these students and the Year 4 staff were able to present an outstanding School Sunday – I must say that the singing and dance items were amongst the best presented over the past few years. Thank you to the many parents, other family members and friends who supported the students in their presentation. Thank you to Mrs Witham, Mrs Greene and the Year 4 support staff for the mountain of work done in getting the students rehearsed and ready to go on the day.


Over the last week the students [more so the girls] have been introduced to the new formal dress which should be ready for the start of Term 2. After feedback from the parent body last year, it was decided to include a formal dress as an item for those girls who want a bit more freedom of movement at morning tea and lunch breaks. Please note that the formal skirt and blouse will still remain on the formal uniform list. I need to acknowledge those parents, P&F members, staff and School Council representative who, under the guidance of our Uniform Shop Co-ordinator Mrs Sarah McIntryre, sat on the Uniform Committee and worked collaboratively to achieve such a successful outcome. More information will made available to you closer to the time of availability.


Today we had the opportunity to showcase our school and the cutting edge learning programs and environments to the Federal MP for Longman, Susan Lamb. At the start of the term Ms. Lamb, after reading about the success of our Robotics Program in the local newspapers, sent the school a congratulatory letter. I was invited by Ms Lamb to visit her local electorate office to discuss our learning journey, but instead decided to invite her to St Paul's to see our wonderful school in action! Ms Lamb's visit included a visit to the Year 4 -6 Agile Learning Labs, the Makerspace Program and the Robotics/Digital Technology area. She also had the opportunity to meet and talk to those Robotics students who represented St Paul's in Sydney last year as well as the Virtual Debating Team which won their division in this national competition.


Many blessings for the rest of the week.


Yours in Christ

Anton Prinsloo