St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Tiny events cause delirious excitement

Chicks photo smallAnticipation was at a feverish pitch in the Year 4 classroms at St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School this week, as ten eggs were carefully placed in an incubator and the viewing began.

“The eggs are hatching! The eggs are hatching!” was whispered in awed tones, as first one egg rocked then a second, and tiny bumps appeared. Sixty children sat enthralled, straining to hear tapping coming from the chicks’ eggteeth. Guesses were made, as to the colour and sex of the first chick to hatch. Before long, the first chick had completely appeared, and by the end of the day, it had been joined a second. By the end of the second day, all ten had hatched, and the first 9 were strong enough to be in a box, under lights.

“We all decided to call the last chick ‘Happy Feet’!” “I can’t believe it! The oldest chicks are now able to eat their first pieces of mash!” “Did you know that the first chick hatched was a brown colour?” “I get to look after one of the chicks over the weekend!” “I wonder when Happy Feet will be able to come out of the incubator?” The chorus of chick-related stories was non-stop. The children will continue their Chick studies for the next few weeks, in their SOSE unit ‘Living Things’. One thing is for certain, this unit is one they will never forget!