St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

See the world in a day

culturalday thumb"We're going on a World Trip!" the teachers tell the students, at the beginning of every Cultural Awareness Day. They then head off to visit every other classroom, to learn more about countries, cultures and languages from all around the world.

Cultural Awareness Day is celebrated annually at St Paul's, where each year level nominates a country to present to the students. The presentations cover the main aspects of the country, and might include the language, geographical features, the main festivals – or even the food. "One year, the Year 2 classrooms presented about England," said Mrs Lois Kube, the coordinator of the annual event. "And the teacher had baked a huge batch of scones, which we were all able to taste. The kids really loved it!"

In 2013, the countries that the children will be 'visiting' are Holland; Thailand; Ireland; France; Canada; Italy and Fiji. "The children really get an appreciation of the different cultures, and we are really thankful that we can learn about all the different backgrounds of people who form our school," Mrs Kube said. "By the end of it, you really feel like you've been on a holiday!"