St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Students shine on stage

10 Instrumental showcaseThe hall was packed earlier this week, as students from St. Paul’s Lutheran Primary School showcased their musical talents on stage. From the opening notes of the Junior String Ensemble, through to the final “Yeah!” by the Performance Choir, jazz hands included, the whole evening was one of celebration of student achievement.


“St Paul’s has had Instrumental Showcase Evenings before, but this will be my first one,” said Neil Sampson, Deputy Principal of St Paul’s and the main MC of the evening, “I’m looking forward to a wonderful night of watching our students entertain us,” he said, in his welcome to the crowd. He was not disappointed. Children who had been playing for years delighted the audience – especially the two year 6 girls who played on the one violin simultaneously – through to the Year 5 boy who’d only been playing Double Bass for 5 weeks (“No, it’s been six weeks, actually,” he corrected his teacher!) and the teachers, playing Bach’s Concerto in D minor for Two Violins, was an unexpected surprise.

“It was a wonderful evening,” said Anton Prinsloo, St. Paul’s Principal, the following day. “One of the highlights for me was seeing the teachers’ play,” he added.