St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

Earning a 'World Class' reputation

worldclass thumbFor the second year running, St Paul's Lutheran Primary School in Caboolture has played host to a team of Professors and Masters students from Concordia University, Chicago. Led by Professor Dara Soljaga, the team were keen to return and observe the literacy program being implemented at St Paul's.

"Last year, they were here to observe our excellent reading program," said Mrs Libby Sansome, St Paul's Curriculum Coordinator. "This year, they wanted to explore the writing program that we offer our students. They were very impressed, and kept on commenting on how everything here is 'World Class'. It certainly makes us feel good about the education that we provide here at St Paul's!"

In both visits, the team visited classrooms and witnessed the curriculum in action, which in turn complemented the theoretical reading that they were doing each day.

The team was extremely impressed with what they saw. "They kept on commenting about how engaged our students were with their learning," said Mrs Sansome. "They were amazed with our resoucres, our teachers, our students, everything. A number of them even asked if we had any job openings for next year," she laughed.