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In Japanese this term in Year 2, students have been working hard on revising colour and learning shape vocabulary. They have been practising songs, playing memory games and creating posters to label using their knowledge. Over the next few weeks the Year 2’s will begin to create basic sentences in Japanese describing the colour of shapes eg. Maru wa aoi desu (The circle is blue). まるはあおいです。

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Music News

In Grade 1 music we are learning about high and low notes and how to recognise them on the staff! We have been singing the song Bee Bee Bumblebee and working out the rhythms using paddle pop sticks. We are also learning our solfege language and hand signs to distinguish higher and lower notes. Soon they will be writing songs of their own!

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Educating Students for the Future

More on educating students for the future starting today taken from George Couros.

“Our education system was formed in the manufacturing era, it was not designed to teach students how to navigate complex environments and multiple careers,” the report’s co-author Megan O’Connell said in a statement.

“Young people need different skill sets to what is taught in the traditional curriculum if they are to thrive in high-tech, global, competitive job markets.”

“Our basic education model hasn’t grown with the broader economy. Many young people are being left behind and without significant change, we can expect to see more missing out in the future.”

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1. Voice – Students should have the opportunity to not only learn from others but also share their learning with others as well. We live in a world where everyone has a voice and if we do not teach our students to use this effectively, they will definitely struggle. To me, this is so simple yet so essential.

2. Choice – This is not only about how students learn, but also what they learn about. How do they further their learning in areas of interests to them?

Libby Sansome, Head of Teaching & Learning.


Term 3 Library News

Dear Parents,

Next term we will be celebrating Book Week.

BookweekThe Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) runs Book Week as an annual celebration of Australian children’s books.

Each year, many schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians develop activities, offer competitions and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading. At St Paul’s we will celebrate book week over the term in our library program.

As part of our Book Week Celebrations we will be having our:

  • Book Fair: Monday 21st – Friday 25th August,
  • Dress up Parade: 22nd August (come dressed as a book character),
  • Book Blanket: 24th August (shared reading time across the school).

All of these events will take place during Book Week in week 7. The holidays would be a great time to start thinking and preparing for your child’s costume.

Do you have a budding writing at home? The 15th Annual 2017 Ipswich Poetry Feast is on again and your child may be interested in entering. Entries close 28th July 2017 at 5.00pm. For further information visit the website:

Thank you,

Danielle Morris J

Library Teacher

Community Captains visit RSPCA Dakabin

Last week we went to the RSPCA at Dakabin before morning tea. In the reception we met our guide and saw half a dozen cats in their tiny "houses". Our guide led us through a hall that was full of cupboard sized enclosures with at least 4 cats in each. Down the hall there was a path that led outside into an area full of dog pens. Some of the dogs were enthusiastic to see us, but others barked like crazy. The guide showed us some big grassy areas which were meant for the dogs so they could get some exercise. Then we turned around and went back to the main building. Instead of going down the cat hall, we walked through a door to the animal hospital. I had a quick peek at the hospital,then we walked through the back area. Then we realised that the cat enclosures had little flaps that led to a sleeping/relaxing area. When we arrived we had a photo taken with the staff and asked them some questions. Overall, it was a great experience.


Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about how they are connected to places around the world. Each class explored how they are connected to The Glass House Mountains and built a model showing the landscape features. At home, students inquired about how they are connected to places in the world and shared the information with their peers. They formed groups with a common connection to a place and have researched maps and special features in that place. Each group has now begun to make a model using a variety of materials. The finished model will include labels of the location and features of interest.

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Year 3

Our Science unit got off to a great start with our Dr Joe ‘Spinning in Space’ incursion. We were enthralled by the experiments, the equipment we could explore and talking with a real scientist. We’ll be reaching for the stars with our projects as we improve our skills in research, and share our information with each other using our iPads.

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