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Caboolture, Queensland

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Prep A

Reading is Rhyme in Prep A One of the prerequisites to reading is rhyme. Therefore we have been concentrating on lots of rhyming activities. We have been doing nursery rhymes, matching words that rhyme, playing rhyming games and making up words that rhyme.


Year 1 - Daily 5

Year 1 - Daily 5 The Year 1s have been learning about Daily 5. They have been building their stamina and looking at ways they can become better readers. Today children received their book boxes and chose a variety of books to use during Daily 5. One of the Daily 5 activities is to Work on Writing. This week the children learned about the steps to writing a good story.


Year 2

Year 2 take a look at God’s creation The Year 2 students have been enthusiastically participating in discovering the beauty of God’s creation. They made connections between the Creation story and Dr Seuss’ “The Lorax” and as a result, all students have thought deeply about what they can do, on a daily basis to care for God’s creation. The students began their discovery by creating their own creation. They were encouraged to consider the feelings they would experience if their creation was destroyed or not looked after which led to them having a greater appreciation and respect for God’s creation. The Year 2s have also been inquiring into the importance of water as one of Earth’s resources and this has linked well with their Christian Studies focus.


Year 3

Great Start for Year 3 This year got off to a great start with swimming lessons for an hour a day in Week 3 followed by our swimming carnival in Week 4. Students participated enthusiastically and successfully in both and developed a notable growth in confidence in their swimming skills. Next we’ll be reaching for the stars with a science research project and workshop with a real scientist. Students are feeling excited to be able to develop their skills in research, meeting with experts and using their iPads.


Year 4

Year 4 - Agile Learning Agile learning is not just about furniture. It is a mindset, a style and approach to learning that is flexible. Inquiry and deep learning that is student driven with plenty of choice. We aim to aid the students in making great choices that enhance and develop their learning. The students were asked what they thought the agile lab would be like this year. Some thoughts: ‘I like how we can choose where we work’, ‘having pigeon holes is better than desks’, There’s lots of awesome furniture instead of hard chairs’ and ‘it’s my choice and my journey ahead’.


Year 5

The start of the school year saw the unveiling of the new ‘Year 5 Agile Learning Lab’. The new learning space has been designed specifically to cater for a wider range of learning styles and abilities by creating areas where the students are able to work in a quiet independent space, join together in small groups for collaboration and problem solving as well as larger areas for group discussion and brainstorming. The students respond to the new ‘Agile Learning Lab’ has been fantastic with some of the reactions being – ‘I absolutely love the colours you have chosen’ – ‘The booth seats are brilliant and I love them’ and ‘The addition of the coloured acoustic boards and bench seating is awesome’. The Year 5 Agile Learning Team welcome you to come and have a look at our new learning environment in the coming weeks.


Year 1 - Under the Sea

Year 1 are currently exploring creatures and habitats under the sea. This involves writing information reports about various sea creatures. At the beginning of the unit, students posed ‘I wonder’ questions about things they would like to find out about sea creatures. They are having fun using different mediums to create sea creature art. We are looking forward to our excursion to Sea life Underwater World on Friday.