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Dancers delight at St. Paul’s Lutheran

dancers delightIt’s not every day that you get to spend the day dancing, or being inspired by professional ballerinas, but children at St. Paul’s Lutheran were lucky enough to be visited by members of The Australian Ballet this week.

What made this day even more special was one of the presenters. For 19 year old Brooke Tytherleigh, this visit was a homecoming, as she had attended St. Paul’s herself, from Prep through to Year 7. Since her graduation from high school three years ago, Brooke has danced and studied dance both in Australia and internationally, however now is touring with the ‘Out There’ production, which seeks to bring the world of ballet into school classrooms across the nation.

“It has been wonderful being here at St. Paul’s again, and seeing all the changes that have happened since I was a student here,” Brooke said. “The place looks fantastic now, and it is just great to come back here and to teach all these students about dance, and show them how I live,” she continued. The day-long presentation included movement workshops for the children, and an afternoon demonstration of movement, music and costuming.

Tiny events cause delirious excitement

Chicks photo smallAnticipation was at a feverish pitch in the Year 4 classroms at St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School this week, as ten eggs were carefully placed in an incubator and the viewing began.

“The eggs are hatching! The eggs are hatching!” was whispered in awed tones, as first one egg rocked then a second, and tiny bumps appeared. Sixty children sat enthralled, straining to hear tapping coming from the chicks’ eggteeth. Guesses were made, as to the colour and sex of the first chick to hatch. Before long, the first chick had completely appeared, and by the end of the day, it had been joined a second. By the end of the second day, all ten had hatched, and the first 9 were strong enough to be in a box, under lights.

“We all decided to call the last chick ‘Happy Feet’!” “I can’t believe it! The oldest chicks are now able to eat their first pieces of mash!” “Did you know that the first chick hatched was a brown colour?” “I get to look after one of the chicks over the weekend!” “I wonder when Happy Feet will be able to come out of the incubator?” The chorus of chick-related stories was non-stop. The children will continue their Chick studies for the next few weeks, in their SOSE unit ‘Living Things’. One thing is for certain, this unit is one they will never forget!

New adventure area for littlies at St. Paul’s Lutheran

1 OrchardWould you like an orchard to play in every day? The Prep to Year 2 students at St. Paul’s Lutheran returned from holidays to discover a whole new adventure area – in an orchard! During the holidays, this area was fenced, and now provides a significant boost to the area that the children have available for free play.

The reason for this change was to cater for the new building, to be constructed later this year. The new classroom will provide for the third stream of students, who are currently in Year Two. The project will provide a classroom, amenities, and an undercover area. Building projects will continue over the next few years, with another three classrooms planned to be built. Designed by PW Architects and with project assistance from the State government, the building is set to be in use for the 2015 school year.

Not that the children really care about all that. They just love the idea of “running around all the trees!”

Gifted Education impresses at St. Paul’s Lutheran

Gifted Education image webCleopatra, Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Galileo were just a few of the famous visitors who dropped in to St. Paul's Lutheran Primary School last week. As part of the Gifted Education Program, 24 students from Years 2 to 6 transformed into important, distinguished personages, to educate and inspire the many guests at St. Paul's glittering "Night of the Notables".

The Notable program has been part of the Prep to Year 6 Gifted Education options available at St Paul’s Lutheran for the past two years. “The students raised the benchmark and output levels once again. This was affirmed to me by parents and guests on the evening,” said Principal Mr. Anton Prinsloo, when congratulating the 2014 Notables.

St Paul’s Lutheran is using the original concept and purpose behind the ‘Night of the Notables’ approach. The program was initially designed to meet the needs of gifted students and to build up their self-esteem about their own giftedness. The school’s Gifted Education specialist, Mrs. Christine Gillions, has further enhanced this approach by ensuring the program is driven by current research in how young gifted students best learn. The program is also supported by the latest information technology, including the 24/7 virtual classroom.

A video of St. Paul’s ‘Night of the Notables’ program has been produced at the request of one of the guests, Dr. Meg Noack, Executive Officer of Curriculum for Lutheran Education Queensland. Later this month, Dr. Noack will be televising the video to other schools, showcasing quality Gifted Education at St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School. For more information about Gifted Education at St. Paul’s Lutheran, call Reception on (07) 5495 5899. 

Cyber-safety is in at St. Paul’s Lutheran

2-5 cyber safety webIt was a very colourful Monday at St. Paul’s Lutheran this week – rainbow colours streamed from every direction, and these were matched by the rainbow socks, coloured hair bands, and balloons tied conspicuously to mark the occasion. It was Cyber-Safety Day – a day to mark being aware of the importance to staying safe while online.

Now that St. Paul’s has introduced a one-to-one iPad program, the children are online more than ever, using current digital technologies to enhance their learning. But hand in hand with the technology is the need to teach awareness of safety issues, and that was what Cyber-Safety Day was all about. Students attended presentations about how to stay safe; teachers received Professional Development about the issue – even parents and carers were catered for, as the sessions continued into the evening.

The children are now far more aware of the need to keep themselves safe, even in the digital environment they now find themselves in. And that can only be a good thing.

A day to pamper the mums

Every mum is special. At St Paul’s Lutheran, the mums know this for a fact. From the P & F run Mother’s Day stall, where each child could choose their own special gift for their mum or grandma, to the special Mother’s Day morning put on by the three Prep classes, mums were spoiled, pampered, and treated like queens for the day.

Each class from Prep to Year 6 visited the Mother’s Day stall, where gifts ranged in price from $10 down to just $1. “It’s not really a fundraiser – we don’t make money out of this,” said volunteers from the P&F. “We do it for the children, so that they can get the chance to choose something special for their own mums. The kids really love it – it’s such a joy to watch their faces as they choose something all by themselves!”

The Prep mums were probably the most spoiled though. After a wonderful performance by the children in the undercover area, a sumptuous Morning Tea was followed by special activities with the children in the three classrooms, from bracelet making to cupcake decorating and other craft activities.

The mums left feeling very pampered. And ready for a weekend of more of the same!

ANZAC Day a time to reflect

2-1 ANZAC Day webChildren as young as four sat quietly and respectfully at the St. Paul’s Lutheran Primary School ANZAC Day ceremony this week – an indication of just how moving the occasion was. With guest speaker Sergeant Espius, prayers by Pastor Vince Gerhardy and past student Rachel Kotzur to play the Last Post and The Rouse; the service, led entirely by the School Captains and Vice Captains, was very moving.

The entire student body had recently been exploring the notion of ‘sacrifice’, looking particularly at Jesus and His death on the cross almost 2000 years ago. This week’s ANZAC observance brought home the message of sacrifice being something that happens in far more recent times.

The school’s Performance choir performed the song “Lest We Forget” and the haunting sound of the bagpipes lent itself to the reflective mood. Deputy Principal Mr. Neil Sampson was extremely proud of the children’s participation in the ceremony. “It all ran extremely smoothly,” he said. “It’s so good to see that even our Preppies can respect the occasion, and can ask questions to our guest speaker at the end of his speech.”

St. Paul’s Lutheran was also represented by a group of over 65 people, at the ANZAC Day march through Caboolture on April 25th.