St Paul's Lutheran Primary School and Kindergarten

Caboolture, Queensland

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New York comes to Caboolture

newyorkAmerican accents could be heard at St Paul's Lutheran Primary School this week, as two New York children were hosted in Years 2 and 4.


Gifted right from Prep

gifted thumbFive years old? Yes, you're old enough to join the Gifted Education program at St Paul's Lutheran Primary School. Run by the Gifted Education specialist Mrs Christine Gillions, the program starts at Prep and runs right through to Year 6. Identified gifted and talented students are given the opportunity to develop critical and creative thinking skills both individually and in teamwork situations.


Earning a 'World Class' reputation

worldclass thumbFor the second year running, St Paul's Lutheran Primary School in Caboolture has played host to a team of Professors and Masters students from Concordia University, Chicago. Led by Professor Dara Soljaga, the team were keen to return and observe the literacy program being implemented at St Paul's.


See the world in a day

culturalday thumb"We're going on a World Trip!" the teachers tell the students, at the beginning of every Cultural Awareness Day. They then head off to visit every other classroom, to learn more about countries, cultures and languages from all around the world.


Yo-yo-ing their way through school

yoyo thumbImagine if a spaceship landed on your school grounds, and out came a girl with a case full of Yo-Yos, and a boy on a poster, to talk to you?

That's what happened to the students at St Paul's Lutheran Primary School last week, when the NED show visited. The students watched in awe as dozens of amazing Yo-Yo tricks captured their imaginations and the energetic show style had them laughing fit to burst.


Doctor dishes up consistency at St Paul's

doctor thumbTeachers from St Paul's Lutheran Primary School in Caboolture, and Grace Lutheran Primary School in Clontarf, were treated to a day full of learning last week, as they attended a "CTJ Day", focusing on moderating the consistency of their teacher judgments.


iPad Minis for St Paul’s minors

12 Kindy ipadsThe Kindy Director and the two St Paul’s Kindergarten teachers are very excited. Planned for the first week of Term Three, iPads minis will be rolled out into the Kindergarten classrooms.

“The teachers’ can’t wait,” said Mrs. Sam Beaman, director of the two stream Kindergarten.